Keith Brisson

773 573 8759

Mountain View, CA. Formerly NYC.

I make things

My interests span software engineering, machine learning, design, product, and business.

I founded and was CEO of Now I'm at Apple.

I reinvented personal finance with

I formerly worked at Picturelife (acquired by Streamnation).

I can make many things. I'm particularly good at web applications and that whole cloud computing thing. But now I mostly manage teams.

I have lots of ideas.

I always work. Even in my free time. Sometimes that turns into side projects. Sometimes into companies.

Right now, I spend my free time thinking about thinking machines. You know, that whole "AI" thing.

I like to talk.

Let's talk business, technology, the next big thing. Or photography, skiing, and tea. Whatever.

I went to the University of Chicago. I lived and worked in the Windy City. I'm from California but was hardened in NYC.


I like to turn ideas into images.

I'm an amateur photograher. I'm not great at it. It's a hobby.